COPD Screening Test

Are you at risk of having COPD?

Take this screening test to learn more about your risk of having COPD.

This test is the Lung Function Questionnaire (LFQ). It’s a set of questions that will help determine if you may be at risk for a condition called Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). The questionnaire is not used to diagnose COPD.


You can print this test and your results for your next consultation with your doctor. If they suspect you are at risk, a spirometry test will confirm if yes or no you have COPD.

How often do you cough up mucus?

How often does your chest sounds noisy (wheezy, whistling, rattling) when you breathe?

How often do you experience shortness of breath during physical activity (walking up a flight of stairs or walking up an incline without stopping to rest)?

How many years have you smoked?

What is your age?